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Bridesmaid Bride Tribe Mug Mason Jar Laser Engraved and Personalized with Names of the Bridesmaid/Bride BASED ON POPULAR DEMAND, NOW AVAILABLE IN TWO SIZES: 16 Oz and 24 Oz Mason Mugs. Please click on the tiny thumbnails under the main image to see a picture of the smaller and larger...
  • 16oz 1 to 6 masons
  • 24oz 1 to 6 masons
  • 16oz 7 to 10 masons
  • 24oz 7 to 10 masons
  • 16oz 11 to 15 masons
  • 24oz 11 to 15 masons
  • 16oz 16 to 25 masons
  • 24oz 16 to 25 masons
  • 16oz 26 to 50 masons
  • 24oz 26 to 50 masons
  • 16oz 51 to 75 masons
  • 24oz 51 to 75 masons
  • 16oz 76-100 masons
  • 24oz 76-100 masons
  • All Handles Right
  • All Handles Left
  • Half Right Half Left
  • Will Specify inNotes

Bridesmaid Bride Tribe Mug Mason Jar Laser Engraved and Personalized with Names of the Bridesmaid/Bride

BASED ON POPULAR DEMAND, NOW AVAILABLE IN TWO SIZES: 16 Oz and 24 Oz Mason Mugs. Please click on the tiny thumbnails under the main image to see a picture of the smaller and larger mugs photographed together.

We also offer a 38 Oz Mason Jar, If that is something you may be interested in,
Please purchase THIS LISTING(16oz jar) +plus+ THE UPGRADE LISTING TO A LARGER JAR, found under this link:
You can add both ( this item & the upgrade item ) to the shopping cart and then checkout all at once.
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Overall Dimensions:

Diameter: 3 1/2"
Height: 5 1/2"
Capacity: 16 oz.

Diameter: 3 3/4"
Height: 6 1/2"
Capacity: 24 oz.

Color: Clear (the color in the picture are the liquid examples we used)
Engraving: White
Material: Glass
Dishwasher safe & Laser Etched, so it is Personalized Forever!
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We offer discounted pricing based on the quantity of Mason Jars you purchase and the Size. Check the pricing for the quantity you are looking for on the pull down menu located on the top right hand side of your screen titled QUANTITY DISCOUNTS. The More You Get, the Cheaper They Are!
Cost of shipping is calculated based on the quantity you order, just add the quantity you want to your cart, choosing appropriate quantity discount and Size and the shipping will be shown on your screen.
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1) Click on the "Quantity" drop down menu

2) Select quantity

3) Click on the "Quantity Discount and Size: 24oz or 16oz" drop down menu

If you want 7, 16oz Masons, then you would chose "16oz 7-10 masons"
If you want 17, 16oz Masons, then you would chose "16oz 16-25 masons"

4) Click on the "Handle Direction" drop down menu

5)Select Right or Left Handle

--> If you are right handed and you want the engraving facing toward you, pick Right.
--> If you are right handed and you want the engraving facing outward, pick Left
--> If you are left handed and you want the engraving facing toward you, pick Left.
--> If you are left handed and you want the engraving facing outward, pick Right.

7) Purchase

8) You Will Be Taken to "NOTE TO SELLER" box, please provide the following info in NOTES TO EUGENIE2:




- NEED PROOF- If you wanted to see a proof before we engrave them, please request it, it usually adds a day or two to production process
- PHONE NUMBER- in case there are any questions... not needed / not mandatory but sometimes we have a question
and emails may end up in a spam box so having a phone number for those instances when our emails go unanswered
with important questions would be great!
- NEED BY DATE - let us know, so we would work the schedules to make sure we can deliver on time for your gift giving event.
- GIFT MESSAGE- if you are sending this as a gift, please let us know if you want a note and what you want the note to say.
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Any U.S. Zip Code That Is Not In The Continental USA (Alaska, Guam, Puerto Rico), For Orders of 10 or more mason jars,
the Shipping Rates Will Be Double The Price Quoted In The Cart because to those destination only AIR shipping applies.
We will contact you with shipping quote so you will know the exact charges and obtain approval before we proceed engraving your order.
For Larger Quantity we will also get the best shipping rate from Fedex Ground and if we can ship at better rate than what the shopping
cart charged you, we will post a refund for shipping overage when the order ships. :-)

Materials: glass.




Stocking Factory

Quantity Discounts: 

16oz 1 to 6 masons, 24oz 1 to 6 masons, 16oz 7 to 10 masons, 24oz 7 to 10 masons, 16oz 11 to 15 masons, 24oz 11 to 15 masons, 16oz 16 to 25 masons, 24oz 16 to 25 masons, 16oz 26 to 50 masons, 24oz 26 to 50 masons, 16oz 51 to 75 masons, 24oz 51 to 75 masons, 16oz 76-100 masons, 24oz 76-100 masons

Handle Direction: 

All Handles Right, All Handles Left, Half Right Half Left, Will Specify inNotes

Production time:

Most of the embroidered stockings ship about one week after you place an order. Our photo Ornaments take about 2 weeks to make and then they ship. Our engraved items take about a week to make. If you have tight deadlines and ordering last minute, please contact us before you place the order to make sure your item can be made and arrive in time for your event.


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Additional policies and FAQs

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How do I provide you with personalization details for my order?
On item screen, there is an area labeled PERSONALIZE IT, this is where you should enter the customization / personalization details, We also have Notes to Seller on the checkout screen where you can add any special instructions you have for the order.

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Can I get my order made and shipped faster?
Yes but only for shipping destinations within U.S.A. We offer shipping upgrades for faster shipping methods. if you order faster shipping: Priority Mail (2-4 business days transit time) Fedex 3Day Air ( 3 business days transit time) Fedex 2Day Air ( 2 business days transit time) Fedex Next Day Air (Guaranteed 1 business day transit time) then we can shorten our production time to 2 business days and get the items to you on tight deadline. So if you need the item for a Saturday event and order your item on Monday with Fedex 2 day air, we will have it finished and shipped on Wednesday to deliver on Friday. Please note Fedex does not deliver on weekends and holidays. When you purchase faster shipping, PLEASE contact us with your deadline.

Do you ship to other countries besides USA - How much is International Shipping ?
We offer international shipping on lighter items that are not bulky.
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